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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Kuch Naya Sikhna Hai To Try Kare World's Most Useful 10 Websites

Kuchh Naya Shikhna Hai To  Most Important 9 Websites.

Ham Hamesha Kuchh New Shikhna Chahte hai, But Time Ki Kami Barrier ban jati hai, busy schedules ke chalte Skills classes Attend karna ya video course karna bhi mushkil lagta hai, Agar Aap Bhi is Pareshani me Juz rahe hai to ye websites aapke liye bahut kaam Aa sakti hai, Is websites par Aapko Sirf Kuch Minutes ka time dena hai, 20 Se 30 Minute me Aap Ak New Skills Sikh sakte hai,

Jyadatar Log Apne जन्मजात क्षमता se Nahi, Balki Apni मानसिकता Se pichhe Rah jate hai, Unhe Lagta hai ki बुद्धिमत्ता badh nahi sakti, Lekin Aisa Nahi Hai, Aapka brain Ak मांसपेशी ki tarah hai,

"The more you use it and struggle, the more it grows".

Matlab ki Jitana Adhik Aap dimag ka Istemaal karte hai, Or संघर्ष karte Hai, yah Utana hi Badhta hai,

Naye Research se pata Chala hai ki hamari क्षमता ka control hamare hi Hatho me hai, ham sabhi Better Learners ban sakte hai, hame sirf sahi tarike se hamare Dimag ka निर्माण karne ki jarurat hai, (We just need to build our brains in the right way.)

These 9 Websites Of The Work Is To Learn Something New.

These 9 Websites Of The Work
1- Lynda:

Required time:- 20-30 minutes.
Can Learn:- Businesses, marketing, design, software tools

Ye Site Par Aapko 1000 hajar se Jyada Free Course Milege, Jis se Aap Business, Photoshop, Software, Or Kafi New Skills Sikh Sakte ho, Is Site Par Aapko 10 days ka Free trial Bhi Milega,

Site Par Aap New Releases Course Bhi Sikh Sakte hai,
  • Marketing Tips,
  • Photo Tools Weekly,
  • SOLID WORKS: Tips & Tricks,
  • Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory,
  • Influencer Marketing Fundamentals,
  • Autodesk Inventor Routed Systems:
  • Auto CAD Tips & Tricks,
  • iOS 10 App Development Essentials 3: Intermediate UI Design.
  • Create Interfaces with FXML and JavaFX,
  • Insights from a Professional Songwriter,
  • After Effects Guru: Advanced Photoshop Integration,
  • Linux: Overview and Installation,
  • 2D Animation: Tips & Tricks,
  • Mobile Photography Weekly,
  • How to Measure Learning Effectiveness,
  • Customer Decision Journey,
  • Revit: Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting.
  • Excel Tips Weekly,
  • Deke's Techniques,
  • Monday Productivity Pointers,
  • Graphic Design Tips & Tricks,
  • Teacher Tech Tips,
  • Web Career Clinic,
  • Happiness Tips,
  • Time Management Tips,
  • Affiliate Marketing for Advertisers,
  • Managerial Economics.
  • Amazon Web Services: Networking,
  • Ethical Hacking: Wireless Networks,
  • Microsoft XAML Fundamentals 2: Content and Properties,
  • Ethical Hacking: Viruses and Worms,
  • Learn Salesforce: The Basics,
  • Mandolin Lessons with Mike Marshall: 1 Fundamentals,
  • Publishing on LinkedIn for College Students and Young Professionals,
  • WordPress: Creating Custom Plugins with PHP,
  • Mandolin Lessons with Mike Marshall: 2 Soloing Ideas and Kickoffs,
  • Mandolin Lessons with Mike Marshall: 3 Simplifying Difficult Tunes,
  • Mandolin Lessons with Mike Marshall: 4 Favorite Advanced Tunes,
  • CISSP Cert Prep: 2 Asset Security,
  • Video Production and Post Tip of the Week,

Required Time:- 20-30 minutes.
Can Learn:- Cooking, Design, Software tools, Marketing, Photography,  Business, Film, Technology, Fashion, Music, Gaming, Culinary, Writing, Crafts, Lifestyle,

Is Site Par Lagbhag 500 Rs. Monthly Pay karke Aap Experts se New Skills Sikh Sakte ho,
"The more you use it and struggle, the more it grows
  • Graphic Design Basics,
  • HDR Photography: Shooting and Editing High Dynamic Range,
  • The Basics for Creating Magical Drawings,
  • Beauty: Inspiration for Design,
  • Playing with Texture,
  • Photographing Digital Assets,
  • Design Your Avatar,
  • Business: Content, Community, and Working with Brands,
  • DIY Cinematography: Make Your Video Look Like a Movie,
  • Hand Lettering: 4 Easy Steps to Modern Calligraphy,
  • Lettering Layouts: Create Beautiful Messages,
3- Rype:

Required Time:- 15-30 minutes.
Can Learn:- Foreign Language.

Is Site Par Aap Personal Trainer Se Foreign Language Sikh Sakte Ho, 30 Minute ka Ak Session Attend kar Aap Kuchh Dino me Language Sikh sakte ho, 14 Day ke liye Free trial bhi available hai,

4- Hackday:

Required time:- 15-30 Minute.
Can Learn:-  life hacks, productivity.

Is Website Se Aap Apni Life ko Aasan Banane Vali Tips Sikh Sakte Ho, Isme Sirf 5 Minutes ka Time Lagega,

Is Site ki Categories:

  • 3D Printer Hacks,
  • Android Hacks,
  • ASK Hackaday,
  • ATtiny Hacks,
  • Beer Hacks,
  • Blackberry Hacks,
  • Business,
  • Car Hacks,
  • Callphone Hacks,
  • Chemistry Hacks,
  • Classic Hacks,
  • Clock Hacks,
  • CNC Hacks,
  • Computer Hacks,
  • Contests,
  • Cooking Hacks,
  • Current Events,
  • Digital Audio Hacks,
  • Digital Cameras Hacks,
  • Downloads Hacks,
  • Drone Hacks,
  • Engine Hacks,
  • Engineering Hacks,
  • Fail Of The Week,
  • Featured,
  • Fiction,
  • Firefox Hacks,
  • G1 Hacks,
  • Google Hacks,
  • GPS Hacks,
  • Green Hacks,
  • Hackaday Columms,
  • Hackaday links,
  • Kackaday Store,
  • HackerSpaces,
  • Hackit,
  • Hardware,
  • History,
  • Holiday Hacks,
  • Home Hacks,
  • Home Entertainment Hacks,
  • Internet Hacks,
  • Interview,
  • Interest,
  • How-to,
  • Iphone Hacks,
  • Ipod Hacks,
  • Kindle Hacks,
  • Laptops Hacks,
  • LED Hacks,
  • Laser Hacks,
  • Kinect Hacks
  • Life Hacks
  • Linux Hacks
  • Lockpicking Hacks
  • Medical Hacks
  • MicroControllers
  • Misc Hacks
  • Multi touch Hacks
  • Musical Hacks
  • Netbook Hacks
  • Network Hacks
  • Original Art
  • Phone Hacks
  • Playstation Hacks
  • Podcasts
  • Portable Video Hacks
  • Portable Audeo Hacks
  • PSP Hacks
  • Radio Hacks
  • Repair Hacks
  • Reviews
  • Robots Hacks
  • Security Hacks
  • Skills
  • Slider
  • Software Development
  • Software Hacks
  • Solar Hacks
  • Tablet PCS Hacks
  • Tech Hacks
  • Tool Hacks
  • Toy Hacks
  • Transportation Hacks
  • Uncategorized
  • Video Hacks
  • Virtual Reality
  • Wireless Hacks

Required time:- 15-30 Minute
Can Learn:- Software Development.

Is Site par HTML, CSS, Javascript Jaisi Programing Language Sikh Sakte Ho,

Learn To Code Language:

  • Make a Website,
  • Make an Interactive Website,
  • Learn Sass,
  • Deploy a Website,
  • Learn JavaScript,
  • Learn Rails,
  • Learn AngularJS,
  • Learn ReactJS: Part I,
  • Learn ReactJS: Part II
  • Ruby on Rails Authentication,
  • Learn the Command Line,
  • Learn Git,
  • Learn SQL,
  • SQL: Table Transformation,
  • SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics,
  • Learn Java,
  • Learn HTML & CSS,
  • HTML & CSS,
  • JavaScript,
  • jQuery
  • PHP,
  • Python,
  • Ruby,
  • Learn APIs,
(6) 7-min:

Required time:- 7 Minute
Can Learn:- Health And Fitness.

Is WebSite par सैकड़ों Aise Routine Bataye Gaye Hai, Jinko Follow kar Aap Sirf 7 Minute me Shape me Aa sakte ho, Jim Jaane ki Jarurat Nahi Hogi,

7- Calm:

Required time:- 10 Minute.
Can Learn:- Meditation.

Yaha meditation Sikhaya jata hai, Agar Aap Fist Baar meditation kar rahe ho, to Aapko Step-by-Step Guide kiya Jayega.

Required time:- 10 Minute,
Can Learn:-Technology, Science, Life,

Big Think: Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed,

Required time:- 30 Minute
Can Learn:-Academics, Math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and even more free online classes.

Khan Academy ki ak baar jarur visit kare, bahut helful website hai, or iski khas baat ue hai ki vo sabkus free me shikhati hai, nahi koi advertise hai, or nahi koi pay. Or hindi me bhi sab kis sikh sakte ho, khan Academy ke baare me aapko jyada jankari chahiye to me aage post write karugi, par muje aap comment me bataiye, ki kis site se aapko pasand aayi iske baare me aapke liye post karugi,

Math by subject:-

  • Early math,
  • Arithmetic,
  • Geometry,
  • Trigonometry,
  • Statistics & probability,
  • Calculus,
  • Differential equations,
  • Linear algebra,
  • Math for fun and glory,
Math by grade:-

  • Grade 5:
  • Grade 6;
  • Grade 7;
  • Grade 8;
Science & engineering:-

  • Physics;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • Health & medicine;
  • Electrical engineering;

  • Computer programming;
  • Computer science;
  • Hour of Code;
  • Computer animation;
Arts & humanities:-

  • Art history;
  • Grammar;
  • Music;
  • US history;
  • World history;
Economics & finance:-
Hi Friends, Aapko is Article se kus new jaankari mili ho ya to post pasand Aayi ho to, Like, Comment & Share Jarur Kare, taki ye information aapke dosto ke paas bhi pahuch sake, thanks to visit Hindi Love Tips

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